"always on the move"

damn, the day has finally come. about a year and a half ago, i thought of an idea to put a book together of my favorite photos. although it took such a long time to bring this project to life, it reminded me that nothing great happens overnight. it's the journey, rather than the destination, that means so much more. it didn't come to me until recently, that this book is more than just a gallery of pictures i've taken. it's a journey, full with experiences, stories, and what I've been able to capture from traveling across the globe since i started to follow my passion behind the lens. 

and now, at this moment, my first photo book, titled "always on the move", is now available for purchase. i wanted to make them as affordable as possible yet still provide the quality for y'all. printed locally in canada, available to ship worldwide. they're limited to 250 copies, all in which will be personally signed by myself.