This past weekend I returned back home from a short, solo, 5 day trip to Tokyo, Japan. For those who aren't aware, I work for Air Canada which allows me to travel at a really good rate, and I try to visit Tokyo at least once or twice a year. Most of my time in the city I spent shooting with my camera (or shopping at the BAPE store), and was able to visit some really cool locations I haven't been to before. Wanted to shoutout a couple friends (Keychi, Vlad, and Khalid) who I met up with in the city. We hit a couple roofs and ate some bomb ass food. I've attached below my 10 favorite pictures from the trip, so I hope y'all enjoy. Really looking forward to February. Logic is kicking off his world tour in my city with two back-to-back shows so expect a full photo set when the time comes. 

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