Logic - The Incredible World Tour (Vancouver, BC)

This past Thursday and Friday marked the first two stops of Logic's world tour in Vancouver, with both of them being sold out months in advance. Going into the show, I had multiple questions going through my head. Will Logic be performing every song on his new album? How will the stage be assembled to match the theme of the album? One thing I can say after both nights is that he did one hell of a job with both.

Leading up to the show, there were many, many things I was excited to see. With fellow XXL freshman Dizzy Wright slated to open as well as DJs in the name of Hoppa & Rhetorik, I was already certain that it would be a night to remember. It's more than safe to say there's nothing quite like a Rhetorik set. The fusion of current hits with the sounds of classic songs constantly kept fans engaged. "I don't fuck with nobody. Nobody, at all. It's very simple. I stay at my house, just me, my homies, my wife, my little puppy, and I don't fuck with nobody. I don't go anywhere, I don't go to parties, I barely go outside." That's all Rhetorik had to include in his set to win me over. 

I want to give a shoutout to Boone, a friend of mine, who killed the lights both shows. Everything from the lights to the on-stage visuals to the sounds were improved and on another level compared to any of Logic's shows in the past, and I've been to more than 20 of them. He went through every song on 'The Incredible World Tour', and he still managed to play fan favorites such as '5AM', 'Alright', and 'Ballin', among others. I was able to see Logic pre-show and one of the things he kept mentioning was how excited he was to play this album for the first time for the fans, and how proud he was of the stage setup and improvements he has been meticulously working on. If there's anyone who's reading this who is even slightly considering to see Logic on his upcoming world tour, which spans over 4 months of touring in cities all across North America as well as many dates in Europe, please do. Take a trip with Logic to paradise. Thank me later. 

Henry HwuComment