It's been a minute since I took the time to write up a post, and as an update, the past month has been absolutely insane. LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Hong Kong, and Chicago. I've been meaning to update the site throughout it all, but I didn't find the time to until now. However, this past weekend was incredible. 

I originally planned to fly into Chicago for Logic's show, the biggest of the tour, but I wanted to also give myself a couple days to shoot the city. The last time I was in Chicago, my first time, was also the same time I saw Logic perform at the House of Blues back in 2013. I landed in Chicago Thursday morning and got picked up from a friend (shoutout to my man Jose!). If you haven't been to Chicago before, Portillos is the spot you wanna hit for sure. Not even going to describe how good it is. Just go. 

Logic's show was on Friday night. I had planned something special for him that I wanted the fans to be involved in, so I headed to the venue super early and got it ready. I framed a 24x36 poster with Logic's name in the middle, and in the text, were filled with images related to Chicago dating back from the first show Logic sold out in Chicago back in 2012. I got it all signed before noon where I headed to the city to shoot the city some more. I fell in love with Chicago. In the time I was there, it quickly turned into one of my favorite cities to take photos in. 

The Logic show was nothing short of a movie. 5,000 people packed the Aragon Ballroom and it was one of the loudest crowds I've heard. Shoutout to George, also known as YaLocalWhiteBoy, for being that dude. He flew into the city for a couple days and it worked out for him to come out to the show. If you haven't heard of him, you have to watch his videos on Twitter. They're the best. I was able to grab some of my favorite photos I've taken of Logic as well, I've attached them all below!

I'm currently sitting at home, exhausted from all my travels, reflecting on how crazy these past several weeks have been. To whoever is reading this, there's something I want y'all to know. Travelling is truly the best thing you can do. As far and as often as you can. There's something you learn and get out of investing money into travelling that you will never ever achieve through purchasing materialistic things. I'm very blessed to be able to travel like this and I want to encourage everyone to do the same. Be realistic, never go a day without working on your goals, and be a good person. The rest will all fall in it's place. 

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